The SCARY Truth about Webcam Hackers and You

by Terence Dash @ Gecko Travel Tech on November 09, 2017

We’ve all heard about celebrity scandals and their pictures being hacked.
Remember ‘The Fappening’?

If celebs are so vulnerable to having their webcams hacked, it’s got to make you wonder how safe or protected we are from such malicious attacks.

girl in panties being spyed on because her webcam cover is not being used.

Image: Global Truth

Webcam hacking involves exploiting vulnerabilities in our PC’s, laptops and even Macs, it’s what hackers and crackers do best. This isn’t baseless paranoia in the least though – Even Mark Zuckerberg admits to putting up band-aids to cover his webcam and protect himself and his family from would-be prying eyes.

Mark Zuckerberg uses a webcam cover and so should you.

Image: Fameable

Mark goes one step further to tape up his mic as well. So, the big question is, should you?

Hackers don’t really target people based on past grudges. They’re usually just driving around equipped with the latest in Wi-Fi antenna boosters and start pinging random networks for signs of vulnerability. And when they do find it, the hack your device cameras, record you and use that to blackmail you, or sometimes just ‘’post them on the social feeds and web pages just for fun.

Some of the other reasons might include, but are not limited to:

  • Use those clips and pictures for Porn. There are websites out there that pay big money for this.
  • To spy on their girlfriends or boyfriends.
  • To keep tabs on you so they can rob you blind.

There’s a plethora of basic tools that allow them to do this, that it’s hard to keep up with just software updates to keep yourself secure.


webcam cover can protect you from being spy and hacker, easy stick on webcam covers

Miss Teen USA 2014, Cassidy Wolf, was spied on for a year through her webcam. A random guy from her High School used Creepware to spy on her and blackmail her for favors. It was with the help of the FBI that they were able to track him down and put him behind bars.

teens in bikinis were spied on through the webcam
miss teen usa was recorded naked because she had no webcam cover
he hacked teen webcam and recorded her

Images: Mail Online

Again, this is a high-profile case, and your run of the mill Joe and Jody might not be so privy to such assistance from law enforcement agencies.

Some things you can do to keep yourself protected from Webcam hackers:

  1. Get back to the basics. Use a good quality Privacy Tab that protects you and your family from these perverts. If you cheap out and use band-aid, you might just regret it when it falls off and you’re too lazy to stick on a new one.
  2. Enable your WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) security key on your Wi-Fi. And make sure you use a strong password that is not easy to crack
  3. Enable your firewall and run your anti-virus scans often.
webcam cover can protect you from being spy and hacker, easy stick on webcam covers

But easily, the best option in this case is the low-tech one, and we can’t reiterate this enough.

There are Privacy Tabs out there that you can use to cover your Webcam, Smartphone camera and mics when you’re not using them. We recommend you go for ones that you can use and re-use often, without leaving any sticky residue on your devices.

We all have our private moments, and we all likely have a device or two in the room with us that is equipped with an easily hacked camera on that device. Don’t get caught with your pants down “literally” when covering up that device’s camera is so simple.


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