Why You NEED a Phone Wallet Now

by Terence Dash @ Gecko Travel Tech on February 10, 2019

Getting the BEST Phone Wallet You Can

Are you tired of walking around with a huge bulge in your back pocket? The best thing about using a phone wallet is that you are always carrying your phone anyways, why not just combine the two and get rid of the bumpy butt.

Phone wallets are quickly becoming the accessory everyone wants. And it makes sense too. After all, they are sleek, convenient, and they are recommended by doctors! (well, sort of).

See, especially if you’re a guy, did you know that sitting on your wallet over time can really mess up your back? Don’t believe me? Take a look at this and this.

See, sitting on your wallet tilts your back out of its natural axis and this causes pain. Many men don’t even realize that a fat wallet is the cause. But most chiropractors will tell you, either seriously slim down the wallet, or better yet, don’t carry one at all.

And that’s why Phone wallets are healthy and smart. Lets face it, we have enough “gear” to carry around. The less we need to carry, the better.

Minimization is the key here. And luckily, there are some smart people who are looking to minimize everything. Even your old style wallet.

So what is a cell phone wallet?

Simply put, it’s the combination of an ordinary wallet and your phone. Rather than carrying your wallet, you attach it on your phone. Or really anything you like if it is the sticky kind like ours are.

Most phone wallets may not carry as much as an older style wallet might, but seriously, do you need to have 80 cards, 60 baby photos and $600 cash in one dollar bills on you at all times?

Personally I carry very little cash these days. Most of my transactions are made with a credit card or ATM card. So really I only need to carry one or two cards at a time. Plus a little cash and I’m good to go.

And they’re great when I travel too as the hotel keys now are the same size as my cards. But even if you need more, if you buy the best phone wallets you can find, they are usually stretchable, so you can fit quite a few things in them.

You’d be surprised how much they stretch if you really need to pack it full.

What to look for in a wallet?

First thing is it needs to be able to fit your phone. There are a few phone wallets that can fit any phone. But others are custom made for the type or model of cell phone you’re using. So be sure which one you’re getting. It should be clearly marked on the sales page for the item.

Other things you should think about are if the wallet is durable and of course if it looks good. Durability is an issue today as there are “knock offs” for practically everything under the sun.

And these are usually cheaply made imitations that last a few days if you’re lucky. So take a few minutes to see if the company is legit. Do they have a website? A recognized brand? If you’re buying on Amazon, what are their customer review like?

Which brings us to the manufacture's guarantee. Every manufacturer has a different guarantee policy. And different rules on what needs to be done when returning their products. And some do not offer one at all. So BE SURE, and check.

Style is one of the biggest concerns seeing that your wallet will be visible to almost anyone. So it should look good and even reflect your personality when possible.

Always buy something you want, something that you’d like to look at everyday as you’re going to get your money.

Most companies have different designs and colors when it comes to their line of products. Take a little while to decide what you really want and not make a rush purchase because a certain item is on sale that second.

As far as design goes you can find just about anything in any color and with any design you could want printed on it. You can look here for some of our unique designs.

How much do they cost?

Price is always the last issue. If you want something that will last more than a day, figure you’ll pay around $20. If you can find a quality product for under $15 I think that’s an amazing deal. But anything over $20 I think is too much with all of the options available.

Unless you’re looking to have something custom made just for you. Then yes, it’ll get a lot more expensive quick.

What can they be used for?

Other than an actual wallet, you can use these for a bunch of different things if you just use your imagination a little.

For example, I have one on my car visor that I use for my toll tickets. It holds them securely even when my window is down, and they are easily accessible once I need them.

You can also add one to your glove box while we are on the subject. Perfect for your license, AAA card, towing service business cards, or just your own business cards.

You can also keep all of you DMV papers in it so if (hopefully never) you get pulled over, you don’t need to go rummaging through the glove box to find your registration and insurance card.

Or stick one on your refrigerator to hold notes that you want someone to see. They are the perfect size.

Place them in your kids knapsack or lunch box. Add lunch money or their lunch card. Notes, tissues, whatever.

Or hide one under your drawer in your bedroom and keep some emergency funds there. Or some important papers that can be folded up. You could probably even add some jewelry if you needed to sine our Gecko Travel tech wallets do stretch.

But I’d stick to the flatter stuff.


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